About this blog and myself

About this blog

This blog is about sharing knowledge on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help non-experts in the field understand better what’s behind AI – with easy words – and bring related topics into play (as Neurosciences, since very much related to AI, and/or questions/issues/debates/etc. related to AI), to help you think about and apply those new concepts to your life/work/business/organization. I got the chance to share many interesting discussions with people outside my academic scientific world, who brought up their wish of going toward this new era of AI but also felt that they were not getting the sufficient knowledge – the big picture with easy words – to understand it (AI). After this issue echoed several times on me, I decided I would like to add my contribution by putting available knowledge on the topic at everyone’s service. Which I am now doing via this blog. So I hope this would really be of help for you. I now wish you an Happy reading ! Hope you’ll get inspired, understand better the concepts behind/around AI and how it would / can impact our future … Do not hesitate to share thoughts or bring up more topics!

About myself

Hi. My name is Laetitia Chauviere. I am a French Neuroscientist. I obtained a PhD in Neurosciences in 2010, among other degrees, and ran several post-doctoral fellowships (i.e. fellowships after PhD; at New York University, in NYC, US, at the Max Planck Institute, in Frankfurt, Germany and at the KOKI Institute in Budapest, Hungary). Now taking time to (i) finalize scientific papers’ writing (papers in the pipeline; we always do in academia !!) and to (ii) write a review on my own about academic scientific topics (which I planned for years!) before starting a new position in Paris where I now plan to settle. In parallel of this fascinating but also pretty fastidious scientific academic writing, I would like to spend some time sharing knowledge, as I’m doing now with this blog on AI… 

PS : My field of scientific research is trying to understand how neurons in the brain “communicate” so that it goes from something we see / feel / want to remember / … to an action (behavior, decision, learning, remembering, …) within a very short time scale (less than a second). 


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